Back & Knee Pain

20-30% of all back pain can be caused by poor functioning feet. The foot is the main shock absorber of the body. Much like the shock absorber of your car, the foot works to absorb the constant pressure of your body pounding against the pavement.


This is not an easy job when you consider that as much as 4-7 times your body weight can pass thru your foot when running and 1-3 times when your walking. Unlike the shock absorbers on your car we cannot so easily replace the shock absorbing mechanism of your body when it is worn down.


The good news is that many cases of the foot, knee, hip or back pain can actually be alleviated by correction of this shockabsorbing mechanism.


This is commonly done with the use of a custom shoe insert called an orthotic.This custom insert is made from a mold of the patient's foot. Exact measurements are utilized to achieve correction of this problem. Like replacing the shock absorbers of a car, results can be instantaneous. Custom orthotics are another tool that your physician can use in the treatment of acute or chronic back and limb pain.